Digital transformation and upgrading for enterprises

  • AiCC is a customer service system that integrates AiCC intelligent robots, human customer service representatives, and ticketing systems. It aims to create a customer service platform that is intelligent in semantic understanding, professional in customer service, natural in human-machine interaction.It is easy to use and provides users with an experience filled with care and warmth.

    Chatbot Online Customer Service Video Customer Service Intelligent Quality Control Intelligent Work Order AiBPO Service
  • Open the door to the future, explore the infinite possibilities of the metaverse!

    True 3D Engine All-True Interconnect Full-Scene Display VR Editor Flexible Customization Support for Information Innovation
  • AiHuman is based on AIGC rapid modeling technology, combined with the capabilities of AI large language models to generate interactive 3D digital humans.It is possible to quickly create digital humans on a large scale. This helps enterprises improve service efficiency, enhance service experience, reduce comprehensive labor costs, optimize service processes, and create practical application value for customers.

    Broadcast Digital Human Interactive Digital Human Digital Human IP Multimodal Content Multi-Scenario Application Multi-Platform Interaction

Stable and reliable foundational AI services

  • ASR

    Recognize continuous audio streams in real-time as text information and return the corresponding text stream.

  • TTS

    Text-to-speech, enabling applications or devices to speak with smooth, clear, and natural pronunciation.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Determine whether people's views or comments are positive, negative, or neutral.

  • Keyword Extraction

    Automatically extract several keywords from the text that reflect aspects such as the text's theme, entities, etc.

  • Summary

    Automatically extract key information from news texts and generate news summaries of specified length.

  •  Barrier-Free Design

    A professional barrier-free website solution developed with advanced cloud voice technology.

  • Classification

    Mining the existing corpus to identify and categorize content

  • Proofreading

    Recognize text, identify erroneous segments, and provide correct suggested text content.

LLM Platform

To enable intelligent upgrades and transformation in the AI 2.0 era for you, creating a better future.

To build intelligent systems for you, achieving mutual value.

Together with you, we create a new era of intelligence.


in every industry

  • Enterprise
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
Digital Intelligent Enterprise

Digital Intelligence Enterprise Solutions cover digital intelligence middleware, service LLMs, digital employees, corporate service hotlines, corporate brains, knowledge portals, metaverse portals, AI+BPO, and corporate data asset governance, among others. Through big data-driven (digitalization), large model empowerment (intelligentization), and large platform architecture (middleware), these solutions assist enterprises in digital upgrading and construction.

Digital Intelligent Finance

The solutions cover financial intelligent customer service centers, financial service LLMs, financial professional knowledge portals, intelligent collaborative office platforms, collection robots, service digital humans, intelligent IVR, intelligent marketing, intelligent quality inspection, AI+BPO, etc. They aim to automate and optimize financial business processes, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Digital Intelligent Education

The solutions encompass metaverse training labs, artificial intelligence (AI) training labs, and digital human instructors. By utilizing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, a brand-new virtual learning environment is created. Through AI, personalized learning and tutoring for students are realized, offering more accurate and effective educational content and solutions.

Digital Intelligent Healthcare

The solutions cover medical LLMs, visual medical digital humans, online consultation digital humans, smart hospital education and training platforms, MR smart ward round systems, etc. Utilizing virtual reality (VR) combined with augmented reality (AR) technologies to simulate real objects, and enhanced with AI technology, these solutions bring new answers to the medical field in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and more.

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Privacy Policy

  Official Website of Beijing ZHuilan Technology Co., Ltd Technology Co., Ltd.Privacy Policy We value the privacy of every user visiting our website. Your privacy rights are important to us. When you use our services, we may collect and use relevant information about you. Through this Privacy Policy, we aim to explain how we collect, use, store, and share this information when you use our services, as well as the ways in which we provide access, updates, control, and protection for this information. This Privacy Policy is closely related to the services you use, so we encourage you to read it carefully and make appropriate choices based on the guidance provided. We have tried to use concise terms to describe the technical vocabulary involved in this Privacy Policy and provided additional links for further explanations to enhance your understanding.

  By using or continuing to use our services, you agree that we may collect, use, store, and share your relevant information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or related matters, please contact us through our customer service hotline at 400-890-1388.

  Information We May Collect

  When providing our services, we may collect, store, and use the following information provided by you:

  Information Provided by You:


  Personal information you provide when registering an account or using our services, such as phone numbers and email addresses.


  Shared information you provide to other parties through our services, as well as the information stored while using our services.

  Information Shared by Other Parties

  Shared information about you provided by other parties using our services.

  Information We Obtain:

  When you use our services, we may collect the following information:

  Log information, which refers to the technical information automatically collected by the system through cookies, web beacons, or other means when you use our services. This includes device or software information, such as the configuration information provided by your mobile device, web browser, or other programs used to access our services, as well as your IP address and device identification number.

  Information about the searches or browsing activities you perform while using our services, such as web search terms used, URLs of social media pages visited, and other information and content details you browse or request while using our services. This also includes information about mobile applications (apps) and other software you have used or are using.

  Location information, which refers to the information about your location collected when you enable the location feature on your device and use our location-based services. This includes:

  Your geographical location information collected through GPS or Wi-Fi when you use our services with a location-enabled mobile device.

  Real-time information provided by you or other users containing your geographical location, such as the regional information included in your account information or shared information that displays your current or past locations, as well as geographical tagging information contained in shared photos.

  You can stop the collection of your location information by disabling the location feature.

  How We May Use the Information

  We may use the information we collect during the provision of our services for the following purposes:

  Providing services to you.

  Identity verification, customer service, security measures, fraud detection, archiving, and backup to ensure the security of the products and services we provide to you.

  Assisting us in designing new services and improving our existing services. This includes gaining a better understanding of how you access and use our services to respond to your personalized needs, such as language and location settings, personalized help services and instructions, or other responses to you and other users.

  Providing you with more relevant advertisements instead of general ones, evaluating the effectiveness of advertisements, promotions, and other marketing activities in our services, and making improvements. It also includes software certification or managing software upgrades and involving you in surveys related to our products and services.

  To provide you with a better experience, improve our services, or for other purposes you agree to, we may use the information collected through one service for our other services, either by aggregating the information or personalizing it. For example, information collected when you use one of our services may be used in another service to provide you with specific content or show you information related to you that is not generally pushed. If we provide corresponding options in the relevant services, you can also authorize us to use the information provided and stored in that service for our other services.

  How You Can Access and Control Your Personal Information

  We will make every effort to ensure that you can access, update, and correct your registration information or other personal information provided when using our services. When accessing, updating, correcting, or deleting the aforementioned information, we may ask you to verify your identity to ensure the security of your account.

  Information We May Share

  Except in the circumstances listed below, we and our affiliates will not share your personal information with any third parties without your consent.

  We and our affiliates may share your personal information with our affiliates, partners, and third-party service providers, contractors, and agents (such as communication service providers who send emails or push notifications on our behalf, map service providers who provide us with location data) for the following purposes:

  We provide our services to you.

  We may use the information for the purposes described in the "How We May Use Information" section.

  We fulfill our obligations and exercise our rights as stated in the "Service Agreement" or this "Privacy Policy."

  We understand, maintain, and improve our services.

  If we or our affiliates share your personal information with any of the third parties mentioned above, we will make efforts to ensure that such third parties comply with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures we require.

  As our business continues to grow, we and our affiliates may engage in mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers, or similar transactions where your personal information may be transferred as part of such transactions. We will notify you before any such transfer occurs.

  We or our affiliates may also retain, preserve, or disclose your personal information for the following reasons:

  To comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  To comply with court orders or other legal processes.

  To comply with requests from relevant government authorities.

  For purposes that are reasonably necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations, maintain public interest, or protect the personal and property safety or legitimate rights and interests of our customers, us, our affiliated companies, other users, or employees.

  Information Security:

  We retain your personal information only for the period necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and as required by laws and regulations.

  We use various security technologies and procedures to protect against the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or disclosure of information. For example, in certain services, we use encryption technology (such as SSL) to protect the personal information you provide. However, please understand that due to technical limitations and the potential for various malicious means, even with enhanced security measures in place, it is not always possible to guarantee 100% security of information in the internet industry. You need to understand that the systems and communication networks you use to access our services may encounter problems beyond our control.

  Information You Share:

  Our multiple services allow you to publicly share your relevant information not only with your social network but also with all users of the service. This includes information you upload or post in our services (including publicly available personal information and lists you create), your responses to information uploaded or posted by others, and location data and log information related to this information. Other users who use our services may also share information related to you (including location data and log information). In particular, our social media services are designed to allow you to share information with users around the world in real time. As long as you do not delete shared information, the information will remain in the public domain. Even if you delete shared information, the information may still be independently cached, copied, or stored by other users or non-affiliated third parties beyond our control, or saved by other users or such third parties in the public domain.

  Therefore, please carefully consider the content of the information you upload, post, and communicate through our services. In some cases, you can control the range of users who have the right to view your shared information through the privacy settings of certain services. If you request the deletion of your relevant information from our services, please follow the instructions provided in the specific terms of service.

  Sensitive Personal Information You Share

  Certain personal information, due to its sensitivity, may be considered sensitive personal information, such as your race, religion, personal health, and medical information. Sensitive personal information is subject to stricter protection than other personal information.

  Please note that the content and information you provide, upload, or post (such as information about your social activities) when using our services may disclose your sensitive personal information. You need to carefully consider whether to disclose relevant sensitive personal information when using our services.

  You agree to the processing of your sensitive personal information for the purposes and in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

  How We May Collect Information:

  We or our third-party partners may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacons, storing such information as log information.

  We use our own cookies and web beacons for the purpose of providing you with a more personalized user experience and services, and for the following purposes:

  Remembering your identity: Cookies and web beacons help us identify you as a registered user or store preferences and other information you provide.

  Analyzing your use of our services: We utilize cookies and web beacons to understand your activities within our services and determine which webpages or services are most popular.

  Ad optimization: Cookies and web beacons assist us in providing personalized advertisements based on your information rather than generic advertisements.

  While using cookies and web beacons for the above purposes, we may provide non-personal identification information collected through cookies and web beacons to advertisers or other partners for statistical analysis of how users use our services and for advertising purposes.

  There may be cookies and web beacons placed by advertisers or other partners on our products and services. These cookies and web beacons may collect non-personal identification information related to you for analyzing your usage of the services, sending you targeted advertisements, or evaluating the effectiveness of advertising services. The collection and use of such information by these third-party cookies and web beacons are not governed by this Privacy Policy but by the respective privacy policies of those providers, and we are not responsible for their cookies or web beacons.

  You can refuse or manage cookies or web beacons through browser settings. However, please note that disabling cookies or web beacons may affect your service experience and certain services may not function properly. Additionally, you will still receive the same number of advertisements, but their relevance to you may decrease.

  Emails and Messages We May Send

  Emails and Notifications

  When using our services, we may use your information to send emails, newsletters, or push notifications to your device. If you do not wish to receive such messages, you can unsubscribe according to our instructions on your device.

  Service-Related Announcements

  We may send you service-related announcements when necessary, such as during system maintenance that temporarily suspends a particular service. You may not be able to opt-out of these non-promotional service-related announcements.

  Scope of Privacy Policy

  Except for certain specific services, our Privacy Policy applies to all of our services. These specific services have their own privacy policies that outline in more detail how we use your information within those services. The privacy policy for each specific service is considered part of this overall Privacy Policy. If there are any inconsistencies between the privacy policy of a specific service and this Privacy Policy, the privacy policy of that specific service will take precedence.

  Unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy, the terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as defined in the Terms of Service agreement.

  Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the following:

  Information collected by third-party services (including any third-party websites) accessed through our services.

  Information collected by other companies or organizations providing advertising services within our services.


  We may revise the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time, and such revisions will be part of this Privacy Policy. If such revisions substantially reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will provide prominent notice on the homepage or send you an email or other notification before the revisions take effect. In such a case, if you continue to use our services, it means you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.


  When visitors access (hereinafter referred to as "this website"), please read these terms carefully and agree to this statement. The behavior of visitors accessing this website and using it in any way will be deemed as an unequivocal acceptance of all the contents of this statement; if there is any objection, it can be negotiated with this website and obtain a written consent.

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  1. The transmission and use of information comply with Chinese laws, international conventions, and public order and good customs;

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  3. Do not interfere with and disrupt this website and related network services;

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